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Elevate STEM education with the Classroom Kit – a complete package for inspiring the next generation!


Everything you need is in the box (workspace and electrical set-up guides, activity guides for teacher and student, and more!) just add electricity!


Revolutionize your classroom and ignite a passion for STEM learning! Our 3D Pen Party Classroom Kit transforms traditional lessons into exciting adventures of discovery. With pre-designed STEM modules aligned with various subjects, engaging 3D projects, and easy-to-use tools, this kit empowers educators to cultivate essential skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning. Watch your students' eyes light up as they embrace the thrill of 3D creation and become the innovators of tomorrow!


Kit Includes:

  • (24) High Quality 3D Pens
  • (240) Colorful Filament Spools (10mm each)
  • (34) Reusable Activity Templates
  • (9) STEM-based 60 Minute Classroom Modules
  • (10) 6ft Extension Cords
  • (2) 12ft Extension Cords
  • (2) 20ft Extension Cords
  • (2) Power Strips
  • (6) Filament Cutters
  • 24 Sets of Silicone Fingertip Covers
  • (100) Individual LED Light Balls for Enhanced Learning & Creativity
  • Bilingual Access to STEM-based Classroom Modules (English/Spanish)
  • Bilingual Video Library Access (English/Spanish)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • (8) Pen Support Tickets
  • Safety Sheet
  • A Bunch of Little Surprises!

Classroom Kit

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